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Finding Your Perfect Phoenix Engagement Photographer

I remember, when planning my own wedding several years ago, being offered an engagement session with the wedding package. At the time, I knew nothing about the investment that is wedding/engagement photography, let alone how to go about sorting through the different editing styles, setting a budget, or picking a location. Although I will always cherish my engagement (and wedding) photographs, if I could go back knowing what I do now, things would be much different.

Finding your perfect Phoenix engagement photographer and getting the engagement gallery of your dreams doesn’t have to be hard OR stressful, and I’m here to help you through the process.


First and foremost, you need to establish a budget. Money is always an uncomfortable topic but you need to be real about how much you’re willing to spend on your photographs. I strongly believe that the price you pay correlates with the quality and quantity of images you’ll receive, but you need to be realistic and true to what works best for you and yours.

Many photographers will have their investment prices listen on their sites, and many even offer a discount OR credit towards a wedding package if you should choose to also book them for your wedding. I personally offer a heavily discounted engagement session if booked with wedding coverage, as I believe SO strongly in building a relationship and getting to know one another before the big day.


Once you’ve sorted out a realistic price point for your engagement session, you need to find a phoenix engagement photographer that fits the style/aesthetic you’re looking for. Are you into “bright and airy” edits, or something a little more “moody”? Are you totally unsure what you want? That’s ok too! I always recommend hopping on Pinterest or Instagram and searching through some hashtags like #phoenixengagementphotographer or #Phoenixengagementphotos to see if you find a style that aligns with what you’re envisioning. I personally edit very true to life, with an artistically muted touch. I capitalize on neutral and earthy tones which in turn helps me create very timeless images with a cinematic touch… In other words, photos that look like their taken from your favorite romance movie - who doesn’t want that?


Once you’ve found your style - REACH OUT! It’s so important to not only find the style that aligns with your vision, but a photographer whom you mesh with. As a photographer, I am a “professional third-wheel” if you will, and will be spending 60-90 minutes (sometimes longer) with you and yours, documenting your love and creating/capturing authentic moments that tell your unique love story. I ALWAYS preach the importance of connection to couples who reach out, and always try to chat via telephone or zoom prior to the session to have an opportunity to get to know one another. Being in-front of a camera is uncomfortable as it is, I’d rather have you feeling like a friend is taking your photo as opposed to a random hired vendor.

I also take this time chatting to discuss the vision for your session, and help you pick the perfect location and time to help alleviate any additional and unneeded stressors. Are you into a vintage downtown Phoenix engagement with the city as your backdrop or a simple and timeless session in the desert? Unsure? That’s what I’m here for… we’ll discuss all the options and find the one that best suits you!


Lastly, HAVE FUN. Your engagement session should be a blast and your photographer should make any nerves dissipate quickly. I personally have so many tricks up my sleeve to help with those who deem themselves “awkward” or uncomfortable in front of the camera, and have a pretty good track record at making my couples have a session to remember that extends far beyond some “pretty photos”.

I hope this helps you find the Phoenix Engagement Photographer of your dreams, and if it happens to be me, I can’t wait to chat!

Let's connect!


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